What to think through when dressing as an escort in London

There is no specified dress code for escorts in London neither is there some uniform for escorts. One thing though, you’ve got to dress attractively or if you like seductively. Good looks are not all, you need decent clothing to go with that. Keep reading for a detailed guideline on how to dress effectively as a London escort.

Dress according to the time of the day.

When considering what to dress, take note of the time you will be meeting your client. When it comes to-night wear, it commences at nine o’clock upwards. As for day-time wear it can extend up to late evening but not past nine. Weather also has a role to play in what you wear. You would look out-of-place wearing heavy clothing on a hot day.

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Dress matching the occasion.

Some clients hire a London escorts just for company while some do it for sexual needs fulfilment. It would be quite disappointing appearing for a walk in the park with your client in skimpy clothes. As much as you are on top London escorts site  , it does not have to get displayed openly by the way you dress. To avoid any embarrassments, confirm with your client first the kind of service expected. With that kind of information, your dressing will match up to your client’s occasion or place of meet up.

Several people out there are allergic to perfumes. Since you do not know what kind of customer you are to meet, avoid perfumes or deodorants. Perfumed lotions are good to go but make sure the fragrance is insignificant. Remember London escort services are a secret affair? In that case, no man wants to go home smelling a perfume different from his usual. To avoid such inconveniences, it is wise to keep of perfumes.

Make up.

As much as make up amplifies ones beauty, applying to much of the same could meet the exact opposite. No one wants to go around town in the company of someone looking as if she has just stepped out of a horror movie. Speaking of movies, if you are attending a gala night some heavy makeup would do. However, if your client wishes to take you out on a date make it as light as possible. The level of making should basically be dictated by the kind of event you are to attend with your client if any.

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Types of shoes.

Heels make one look sexier. It however heavily depends on the kind of dress worn. If you are comfortable in heels, they are best for any London escort business. Flats are on the other hand as good. They further with no or very little stress if any. The general idea is that you should wear shoes that you get contented walking around in.

Jeans trousers.

Although this kind of trousers enhance ones buttocks, they dent the London escort’s personality. Most Escort agency in London insist on professionalism. Therefore, meeting your client in jeans does not sound so appealing. Not unless the client himself specifies that you will be in a casual setting, avoid jeans completely.


Anything that is more than two inches past the fingertip is not ideal for escorts. Keeping up professional London escort image dictates that you get yourself a French manicure regularly.

When it comes to necklaces and bangles, use is not restricted but there are certain limits. A lot of time could be wasted dismantling them as you undress. Thus wasting your client’s time and money correlative.

Quality of what you wear.

Wearing over/undersized garments could dent your image. Make sure everything you wear including shoes fits perfectly well. If they do not, have them tailored. Tailoring clothes in the past even carried a sense of sophistication.